Tamman furnaces

In tamman furnaces, the working tube used serves simultaneously as heater and working chamber wall. Suitable materials for such tubes are graphite, tungsten and molybdenum.

Tamman furnace – with multifunctional working tube

Short description:

  • Temperatures: up to 3000 °C
  • Atmospheres: inert
  • Working area diameter: 40 to 120 mm
  • Heated length: 200 to 3000 mm
  • Power range: 10 to 100 kW
  • Temperature measurement with pyrometer

Heating system:

  • Single-zone
  • Multi-zone

Equipment features:

  • Various control units with and without PC interfaces
  • Software for control unit
  • Gas supply units for protective gas
  • Input and output modules with gas flushing and adjustable openings
  • Vacuum system for gas exchange


  • Heat treatment of carbon fibres
  • Drawing optical fibres from precursors
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